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Making Friends as a Mom: Tips for Finding Your Tribe

Updated: Feb 7

How to make mom friends

Friends are like our chosen family, right? They get us through tough days with a text, a laugh, or a shoulder to lean on. As a mom, having pals who understand the rollercoaster of parenting? Priceless! 

But do you ever feel like there's just not enough time in the day to make new friends? We totally get it. Between the whirlwind of motherhood tasks, carving out a moment for socializing can seem like a luxury. But guess what? You deserve a fabulous circle of friends just as much as anyone! Here are some tips for finding your very own tribe amidst the busy life of being a mom. 

Where to Find Potential Mom Friends
  • Your Neighborhood and Community: There's a world of friends waiting right outside your door. Check out community events, local fairs, or even a neighborhood BBQ.

  • Mom Groups and Playdates: Ever tried a mom group or a playdate setup? They're like mini social clubs for moms – minus the fancy dress code! Check out the local community calendars on The Branch to find a group or activity happening near you. 

  • Online Communities: Facebook groups, Instagram, or parenting forums – the internet is buzzing with moms looking to connect. Visit the The Branch Moms Facebook Group--U.S. or visit your local Branch Moms page and start connecting. 

  • School Functions: Your kiddo's school events aren't just for them. Use these gatherings as a chance to mingle with other parents.

Breaking the Ice

Starting a conversation can be nerve-wracking, but it's easier than you think:

  • Chit-Chat About the Little Things: Comment on something you both see or experience at the moment.

  • Smile and Relax: Body language speaks volumes. A smile can be your best introduction.

  • Be Curiously Kind: Ask questions that show you're genuinely interested in getting to know them.

From Acquaintance to Friend

Met someone you clicked with? Awesome! Here's how to keep the friendship blooming:

  • Reach Out: A quick message or call can set the stage for another meet-up.

  • Plan Simple Get-Togethers: Coffee, a park stroll, or a casual playdate are great for bonding.

  • Stay in Touch: Life's busy, but a regular check-in (even a text or sharing your favorite meme) keeps the friendship warm.

Juggling Mom Life and Friendships

It's all about balance, isn't it? Here are some tips:

  • Kid-Friendly Hangouts: Plan activities where kids are welcome, so you don't have to choose between friend time and mom time.

  • Set Friend Dates: Just like any important appointment, schedule your friend time.

  • Flexibility is Key: Sometimes plans change, especially in mom world. Be understanding and adaptable.

Handling Rejection (It Happens!)

Not everyone will click with you, and that's okay. Remember:

  • It's Not About You: People have their reasons, often unrelated to who you are.

  • Keep Trying: The right friends are out there. Don't give up!

Keeping Friendships Strong

Long-lasting friendships need a little nurturing:

  • Talk and Listen: Share your world and be there to hear about theirs.

  • Appreciate Their Company: Let them know they're valued.

  • Be There for Each Other: In good times and bad, that's what friends are for.

Moms, you're not just superheroes at home; you're deserving of a fabulous circle of friends too. With a little effort and a lot of heart, you can make and maintain wonderful friendships. So go out there and find your tribe!

Got any fun friend-making stories or tips? Drop them in the comments or join our mom community on Facebook or Instagram for more chit-chat and connections!


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