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Welcome to this Motherhood Oasis!

Our mission is simple. We believe mothers are extremely important and they deserve a safe space to share, connect and get support.



Your story, your questions and your concerns are important to us. The Branch is a place to ask for local recommendations, ask for help and share your wisdom. You deserve a place to think, process, and refresh. Think of us like going home to your favorite friend. We will always listen, always support you, always help you grow.


It is about connection and friendship and lending a hand. It is the story of The Branch and every town and every mom that needs someone to reach out to them….with a hand, with a heart, with a branch. The place that helps all moms feel like someone cares, they are not alone, they have a voice and that they will always have a home.


Our moms have started businesses, made new friendships, found the perfect solution for teething or the perfect contractor. Whatever stage, whatever age, your journey is more than yesterday and tomorrow – it’s right now! And, we are happy you are here!

Welcome to the Branch.

Meet The Team

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Dr. Cathy Subber

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

The brain and heart behind The Branch Moms, Dr. Cathy Subber has been lighting the way for moms for over 12 years here at the Branch and over 20 years as a beloved Naperville local chiropractor. Dr. Cathy believes no mom should ever feel alone. The Branch started as a passion project to connect local moms and it has grown into a resource that over 80,000 moms trust and rely on. She happens to be one of the friendliest people on Earth so if you see her, say hello!

Kids: 2 boys, ages 19 + 20

Favorite drink: Kind Coffee

Favorite place: The beach

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Allison Dzierzanowski

Director of Local Resources

A force of nature, a whirlwind of efficiency, and a true master of multitasking, meet Allison! If you are a business partner you get to work with Allison closely to make sure we have all your info and monthly content to share with our mom communities. She also is the mom coordinator for the Naperville and Tri-cities areas in Illinois. She does everything from posting fun activities on Instagram to putting together monthly calendars, to populating a DAILY list of events to check out in your area. 

Kids: 1 girl and 1 boy, age 6 (they're twins!)

Favorite drink: Red wine/Water

Favorite place: Cooper's Hawk

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Jason Hard

Strategic Planning + Quality Assurance

The Branch enjoys a well-earned reputation for being a reliable resource.  This is no accident, as everything we do is focused on being kind, authentic, and supporting moms.  Cathy’s husband Jason works with her daily to help plan what is next for The Branch, and maintain the integrity of our community on a day-to-day basis, fighting the good fight of keeping spammers and duct-cleaners away from our members.

Kids: Son, age 17

Favorite drink: Water

Favorite place: Nature

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Naomi Bocaniciu

Chief Operating Officer & Lead Designer

Where organization + design meet making the world a better place! Naomi is passionate about helping kids and moms. She keeps the Branch running smoothly by drawing on her experience as a mom, teacher and graphic designer to create high quality support for moms, our community partners and our NEW Business Hub division. Naomi holds a Master's degree in Administration and certifications in business management, marketing and graphic design. Naomi also offers consulting services through her agency, Nabo Solutions.

Kids: 2 boys, ages 8 + 6

Favorite drink: Kombucha

Favorite place: Coast of Montenegro 

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Patti Minglin

Director of Written Content

If you've had the pleasure of reading through The Branch blogs or email newsletters then you know how powerful Patti's words are! Patti brings the voices of Branch members and partners to life in applicable and useful ways. Patti is especially in the know as a business owning mom because she is also the CEO of Go Girl Communications and a new twin grandma!

Kids: Ages 27, 25, 20 

Favorite drink: Dirty Martini

Favorite place: Mill Creek Lake, IL.

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Jenn + Amanda

Naperville Event Support

The Branch hosts and sponsors many events throughout the year. If you join an event and see a Branch table, stop by and say hello and grab one of our goodie bags!

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