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Winter Fun
in Illinois

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Holiday Lights

Including neighborhood displays to mega light shows

Meet Santa.jpg
Special Events with Santa

Fun events with Santa!

Image by Maarten Duineveld
Nearby Ski Resorts

Ski resorts in Illinois, Wisconsin, & Michigan

Festive Dinner Table

Turkey Day meals outside of your home.

Markets + Farmstands

Fresh produce straight from the farm

NY Celebrations
NYE Celebrations

Celebrate the New Year with or without kids!

Carriage Rides
Carriage Rides

Riding through the snow... sing along!

Ice Skating
Ice Skating Rinks

Free public rinks for your use

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Sledding Hills

Grab a sled or tobogan and fly!

*DISCLAIMER:   The Branch Moms either communicates directly with business owners and organizations or visits their respective websites listed on this page to curate the events and experiences we share with the community.


We rely on the validity of their websites and the insight of those we speak to so we can do our best to track which events and experiences will and will not be occurring. Understandably, it is impossible for our team to catch them all.

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