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Grainology Brewstillery

 LOCATION:  131 Flinn Street, Suite C, Batavia


Grainology was founded by two people with a passion for creating craft beverages and sharing them with those around us.


The building Grainology chose comes to us with a rich history. This building was built in 1902 to house the US Wind Engine & Pump Company foundry. The company was founded by Daniel Halladay, John Burnham, and John VanNortwick and moved to Batavia, IL. in 1863. They manufactured windmills, feed pumps, farming equipment, and railroad fixtures. Our building was constructed to use as the foundry for the company. During World War II, this foundry, along with the other foundries operating in Batavia at the time, were used to make armaments and supplies for the United States Military. U.S. Wind Engine & Pump received the Army Navy E Award, an award recognizing “Excellence in Production” during war time.

  • 13 Craft beer available

  • Whiskey, Bourbon, & Rum


Sunday 12pm - 7pm

Monday & Wednesday 3pm - 9pm

Thursday  2pm - 9pm 

Saturday 9am - 10pm (we host Batavia indoor Farmers Market 9am -1 2pm)


Pollyanna Brewing +  Distilling Co.

 LOCATION:  106 S Riverside Ave, St. Charles


We began distilling in St Charles, IL in March of 2021 as a natural extension of our brewery. We love beer, but we also love spirits and cocktails. Our year round spirits include our Inception Straight Bourbon, Corvair Vodka, Cadence American Gin, Keyway Rum, Woodshed Moonshine, and DED (Bitter Wormwood Liqueur). All sorts of Whiskey, Bourbon, Rum, Gin, and Aquavit are currently aging in neutral oak barrels just waiting for their time to shine and as the seasons change, we release new seasonal spirits and liqueurs that will keep the craftiest of craft cocktail connoisseurs on their toes. A large outdoor beer garden also plays host to livemusic, food trucks, and good times throughout the year.

  • Craft beer available

  • Whiskey, Bourbon, Rum, Gin, and Aquavit are currently aging in neutral oak barrels

  • Large outdoor beer garden also plays host to live music, food trucks, and good times throughout the year

St. Charles

Barnstormer Distillery

 LOCATION:  6969 S Main St., Rockford


When you come to our facility, you will see that we are not your typical Distillery. We are a “Farm Distillery” on a 22 property that grows vegetables, fruits, berries, and herbs primarily for use in our Distillery and Tasting Room. When you visit us, you will come down our 1/4 mile long lane and emerge into what has been described by our guests as a “park-like” setting.

We use what the land produces and our “outside of the box” special hands-on processes to produce spirits and cocktails that highlight the taste that only fresh ingredients can make. Because we also use a “Cold Distilling” processes, all the flavor essences we produce for our spirits are totally shelf stable. We have 3 year old bottles of Cucumber Vodka that taste as fresh as the day we picked the cucumbers in our Greenhouse.

  • Whiskeys, bourbons, vodkas, rums, and moonshines available

  • The Tasting Room is housed in an airport hangar in the middle of a 22-acre park-like setting, meaning the WHOLE WALL can be opened to the elements (weather-permitting)

  • View our spirits HERE


Whiskey Acres

LOCATION:  11504 Keslinger Road, DeKalb


From Seed to Spirit 
What does it take to make the finest whiskey in the world? Start with the finest grains grown on the best soils the earth has to offer. Add water naturally filtered by the limestone aquifer found deep under those same soils. 

Then complete the task by handcrafting a distilled spirit using the same hands of the fifth generation farmers who grew that grain. They know the land, their ingredients, and what it means to pay attention to detail. Blend together using equipment and know-how forged in the rolling hills of Kentucky. Add a little patience. 

Distilling year-round and open to the public every Friday-Sunday, we are an Estate Distillery like none other in the United States. 

In Chicago’s own backyard.

  • Bring your own picnic lunch!

  • Tours available with tastings to follow

  • One of the few distilleries in the country that GROWS ITS OWN GRAIN!

  • Whiskey Acres Bourbon is sold in several tri-city bars, too!

  • Check out their spirits HERE


Friday: 4:30pm - 8:30pm with a 6pm tour

Saturday: 1:30pm - 8:30pm with tours at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm

Sunday: 1:30pm - 5:30pm with a tour at 2pm


Kennay Farms Distilling

LOCATION:  416 Lincoln Highway, Rochelle


Rick and Doris Kennay spent a lifetime building their family farm and instilling a love for agriculture in their children: Kaleb, Aubrey, and Grace. When Kaleb, Aubrey, and their nephew, Adam, returned to the farm, they looked for ways to diversify.

Kennay Farms brings you family crafted spirits created from local grain that is produced, milled, and distilled, all by a member of the Kennay Family. As sixth generation farmers, we know a superior product takes care, heart, and hard work.

  • Private distillery tours can be scheduled with complimentary tastings included for up to 6 people

  • Serving vodkas, gins, whiskeys, and bourbons

  • Event space available


Mon-Thurs Special Events Only

Friday  4-8pm

Saturday 3-8pm


Rush Creek Distillery

LOCATION:  1501 W. Diggins Street, Harvard


Everything that made Harvard the dairy capital makes it the craft distilling capital. Drop by drop, batch by small batch, we create authentic craft spirits. And a nowhere-else-like-it visitor experience. We’re not in it to make it rich. We’re in it to make it right. Savor the adventurous spirit. STEP OUTSIDE.

  • Distillery Tours + Tasting Room

  • Be sure to go up to the Founder's Loft to enjoy your cocktail!

  • Small bites served in house, though you can also bring in your own food or have food delivered!

  • Live Music

  • Outdoor Patio

  • Host Private Parties

  • View list of spirits HERE


Thorton Distilling

LOCATION:  400 E. Margaret Street, Thorton


We believe in crafting unique spirits by hand. Starting with limestone-filtered water drawn from the building’s original artesian well, our spirits are created with painstaking attention to detail, each with as much a story to tell as the building itself.

  • Distillery Tours 

  • Food available to purchase and Sunday Brunch 

  • Specializing in whiskey, gin, and vodka

  • Host a private event 

  • Mixology classes 


Tierra Distilling & Cafe

LOCATION:  211 Burlington Avenue, Claredon Hills


Our passion for distilling and drinks started as what you might call a "hobby." Experimenting with the science of fermentation on whatever fruits and grains we could get our hands on. Twelve years later and plenty of experimentations under our belt we took our vision for creating unique flavors to the next level. We bought the cool old building in Clarendon Hills and we converted it into our first production distillery. We are obsessed with creating flavorful spirits of the highest quality in the most efficient way possible. Everything we do is in pursuit of that goal. We seek to incorporate unique raw materials, tools and processes in pursuit of creating our spirit and drinks.

We strive to be a different kind of distillery by focusing on crafting totally unique spirits, no matter the effort required. Our goal is to create products that are unlike any that exist today. We do this by using unique materials around us. Rescuing fruit and turning it into flavorful brandies is only part of what we do. We push the boundaries on familiar whisky styles and hope to introduce you to brand news ones. Hand made, each one, every time.

  • Serves coffee "on tap"

  • Donuts, scones, muffins, breakfast sandwiches, personal pizza,  & charcuterie board for purchase

  • Variety of flights to try

  • Offers beer & Wine 

  • Host private events in their tasting room 

  • Philantrophic and have a Green Mission


Monday thru Wednesday  6am - 5pm

Thursday & Friday 6am - 10pm

Saturday  7am - 10pm

Sunday 7am - 5pm

Claredon Hills

Crystal Rain Distillery

LOCATION:  2281 Foster Ave., Wheeling


We’re about more than generational distilling experience  – we’re merging the past with the present to create an even smoother and more memorable drinking experience. We harness technology and combine it with small-batch craft practices and superior ingredients to take our original family recipe from exceptional to award-winning.  

The recipe, formulated in 1939, was first served to soldiers in WW2 and continued to be perfected throughout our family generations. Crystal Rain was born when we discovered that the true art of making handmade vodka must involve meticulous distillation coupled with technological advances to create a consistent, refined product.

Based in Wheeling, IL, Crystal Rain takes attention to detail to the next level. We believe in carefully managing each step of the process. We select the finest organic ingredients. We distill each batch of vodka six times. And we utilize platinum and silver filtration to ensure a perfectly smooth drinking experience.

  • Serving Vodkas and coming soon: Gin, Whiskey, Bourbon, & Brandy 

  • Purchase a barrel or create your own


Monday thru Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm


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