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Adulting Guide


in Illinois


Local craft beers with flights and locations that will catch you by surprise



May I interest you in some locally made fine spirits for that cocktail? 

Wine Setting2.jpg
Wine Tasting Rooms

Sample a couple varietals or a couple bottles.  No judgement!

Ladies Night

Check out all the FUN places you and your girls can go and have fun!

Based Venues

Find local places where you can DO something or CREATE together!

Theaters, Fine Arts & Comedy Club

From theatrical performances to art galleries to laughing out loud! 

Working Remotely Guide

Working from home is tricky. Check out these places that offer free WiFi and meeting space.

Golf Field

Hit the green and show off what a good golfer you are or just enjoy the beer cart!

Image by alan caishan
Spas & Wellness Centers

From massage to reiki, acupuncture to floatation therapy & botox to cryotherapy.

*DISCLAIMER:  The Branch Moms either communicates directly with business owners and organizations or visits their respective websites listed on this page to curate the events and experiences we share with the community.


We rely on the validity of their websites and the insight of those we speak to so we can do our best to track which events and experiences will and will not be occurring. Understandably, it is impossible for our team to catch them all.

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