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Orion Stem Schools

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Orion Stem Schools

Orion STEM Schools is a private K-8 school where high-achieving learners discover and develop their passions and learn to make choices that positively and profoundly impact humankind. At Orion STEM Schools, we empower young minds to believe in themselves, nurture their unique talents, dream big, be agents of positive change to become the innovators, problem-solvers, and leaders of tomorrow. My commitment is to provide a rich, comprehensive, and stimulating environment where curiosity is encouraged, knowledge is pursued, and discovery happens daily.

Our curriculum, deeply rooted in STEM and Entrepreneurship disciplines, is strengthened by collaborations with globally renowned institutions such as the University of Chicago, MIT, Stanford University, and Harvard University, among others. We combine rigorous academics with innovative Design Thinking, Disciplined Entrepreneurship frameworks, emotional intelligence, and a dedication to fostering compassion and ethical leadership in our students.

We prioritize hands-on, project-based learning, which allows students to apply classroom learning to real-world problems. This approach not only enhances their understanding but also encourages the interweaving of various disciplines, culminating in comprehensive solutions to complex problems.

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