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Innovative Pedatric Dentistry

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Innovative Pedatric Dentistry


Our office is pretty awesome. We have state-of-the-art technology, so exams, cleanings and treatments are gentle, safe, minimally invasive and extremely effective. However, our high-tech approach doesn’t just apply to our dentistry; it’s also meant to make sure patients have a blast. We have an iBar with charging stations and iPads that kids and parents can use. We’re also fully stocked with toys, games, books, snacks and drinks. Mom and Dad can sip on a cup of coffee and relax, while little ones watch a movie in our kidzFlix cinema or let loose in the kidzCave arcade game room. When it’s your turn to head back to the treatment area, you’ll find child-themed rooms and even “comfort buddies” to help children get through their first appointment.

In addition to all of our cool perks, we do everything we can to make your visits convenient and stress-free. We cater to children birth through 13-years-old and also offer special needs care. Many of our treatment rooms are in an open environment, so there’s plenty of space for parents to join their child during the exam. Once your child is an old hand at dental visits, you’re more than welcome to drop them off for appointments and pick them up afterwards. Since communication is key, we also speak several languages, allowing us to keep you informed and educated concerning your child’s oral health.

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