Creative Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

crafts family fun thanksgiving Nov 20, 2023

Creating Thanksgiving crafts with kids is a wonderful way to get into the holiday spirit and make lasting memories. Here are some creative ideas for Thanksgiving crafts that are fun, easy, and sure to delight children of all ages:

  1. Turkey Handprint Art: This classic craft is a favorite for a reason. Have children trace their hands on construction paper, with each finger representing a turkey's feather. Kids can color or decorate the feathers and add a beak and eyes to the thumb, turning their handprint into a festive turkey.

  2. Thankful Tree: Create a "Thankful Tree" where each leaf represents something the child is thankful for. Cut out leaf shapes from colored paper, and have the kids write what they're grateful for on each leaf. Attach the leaves to a tree made from brown paper or branches.

  3. Pilgrim Hat Pencil Holders: Transform small terracotta pots into Pilgrim hats with black paint and a yellow paper buckle. Once dry, these can be used to hold pencils or small treats, adding a festive touch to any table.

  4. Corn Husk Dolls: Use dried corn husks (available at craft stores) to make traditional corn husk dolls. This is a great way to teach children about the history of Thanksgiving and the Native American traditions.

  5. Pinecone Turkeys: Collect pinecones and use felt or construction paper to add feathers, eyes, and a beak. These make adorable table decorations or fun toys.

  6. Autumn Leaf Mason Jars: Have kids collect beautiful fall leaves. Then, using Mod Podge, attach the leaves to the outside of a mason jar. Place a tea light inside for a beautiful autumnal luminary.

  7. Turkey Place Cards: Create place cards for your Thanksgiving dinner guests. Kids can cut out turkey shapes and write guests' names on them, adding a personal and creative touch to your dinner table.

  8. Pumpkin Seed Mosaic: After carving pumpkins, save the seeds. Kids can paint them and glue them onto paper in mosaic patterns or pictures.

  9. Thanksgiving Storybook: Encourage kids to write and illustrate their own Thanksgiving story. This can be a fictional tale or a recount of their own experiences and traditions.

  10. Footprint Mayflower Ships: Paint the child's foot and press it onto paper to make the boat, then add details like sails and waves to create a scene of the Mayflower's voyage.

These crafts not only foster creativity and family bonding but also offer opportunities to teach children about the history and meaning of Thanksgiving. Remember to enjoy the process and the special time spent together!

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